Clients say city’s Patrol Special Police effective and welcome

Many satisfied San Francisco Patrol Special Police clients across the city enthusiastically attest to the effective and welcome nature of our particular, responsive, trusted neighborhood policing model. Those clients have recently and heartily endorsed our services in an independent academic survey conducted by Professor Edward Stringham of San Jose State University. (Preliminary results reported by Professor Stringham via email to the Patrol Special Police, October 2009.)

Professor Stringham conducted a survey of about 1/5 of our total city-wide clients and received an amazing return rate of 43 percent. He found that:

1. The Patrol Special Police provide services that members of the S.F.P.D. do not provide.

2. The S.F.P.D. does not respond quickly to many types of calls whereas the Patrol Special Police do.

3. Crime is viewed as a problem, and the Patrol Special Police are seen as a proactive rather than a reactive solution to that problem.

In addition, 97 percent of survey respondents answered “Yes” when asked, “Does your Patrol Special Police Officer make your neighborhood a more friendly and safe place?” He concluded that the Patrol Special Police provide services that are highly desired and make San Francisco safer. For a copy of the client survey report, please contact:


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